Let’s see if I qualify for you.  Let me explain…

It is important to have a harmonious relationship if people are going to work together and help each other, yes?  So here is my procedure:

  1. Let’s schedule a meeting; live, online, call or text.  (*Please note that I do not charge you anything for my services. Yes, you read that correctly! (I know, I know…I was skeptical too)  It is one of the reasons that I love doing this.  …and I am more than happy to explain this to you if you want to know how this is possible. 😉 )
  2. Let’s get to know each other a little bit.  (Tell me a little bit about yourself.)
  3. Share with me what you are looking for and what your expectations of me are.
  4. I’ll share with you what I have to offer and why I am so passionate to help.  (You can find out more about me here.)

Then, let’s have an honest discussion about if we should move forward with each other or not.  I am perfectly comfortable accepting the fact that you might not want to move forward with me and I am perfectly comfortable if “no” is your answer.  Better to find out sooner than later.


Moving forward:

  • Together we will gather information to identify the situation. (Don’t freak out…did you know that most people think their situation is worse than it really is?)  We can’t know how to get to where we want to be if we don’t know where we are.  Make sense?
  • I will present some scenarios and we can discuss the different options available to us.
  • We will take action together to set up the strategies that we decided on together to move forward with.
  • Crucial to our success: are the regular meetings we will have to review our progress and to make adjustments as necessary.

As you might have been able to tell, this is not a one shot deal or a program that I am trying to fit you into.  Everyone’s situation is as unique as they are and there is no one size fits all when it comes to learning how to get out of debt and accumulate wealth.  When it comes to designing what you want to happen in your financial future, having a great coach guarantees your success.

My Mission Statement:

To create a long term relationship focused on financial awareness and education while continually adapting common sense strategies to successfully structure our financial future.