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I am trying to get into a new groove… MY new groove.  Reboot myself, clear the cache, create my new programing… my new blueprint… my new ME!  It’s my dream coming true… doing what I want this time… what I love and what I was meant to do!  I have found my gifts and I am giving them away… letting my light shine!!!

My last post… YIKES!… has it been that long already? …I reported how I gathered all my strength, took a huge deep cleansing breathe and said goodbye to my old life.  I let go of my banana!!!  I let go of the life I had so that I could have the life I WANT!  PHEW!… I can’t tell you how hard that was.  Here is a quick video about that:

I have been doing a lot of sitting, thinking, meditating and praying about what’s next, what I want to do… what I want to create.  I have decided that I want to help people, a Personal Pivotal Need (PPN) that I have become very aware of lately.  I want to share the gifts that I have been so blessed with and ‘Pay It Forward.’  I conceived the idea of a club… a club that has no boundaries, no barriers of entry.  A club that welcomes all and exists only to enhance the lives of every person that connects to it.

So I am trying to learn the social media ‘thing’ to become a better listener, a better communicator.  I don’t want to be “that guy” plastering my stuff all over social media.  I would like to find those people that are looking for me…looking for a common sense approach to handling their money.

I have lots of things to give away, hats, t-shirts, steins, sweatshirts, jackets, clocks, etc… and hope that someone will help me figure out a way to do it on social media?  (I don’t think I’ll have a problem at the live events 😉  Share my posts 10 times and get a free hat?  I’m open to ideas.

We will be scheduling some local events in the Plattsburgh, NY area, while others are helping us learn how to host online meetings.  If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, something that you could help with and/or learn from, sign up below, post a comment or contact us.  I think it makes sense… perfect sense, Common Sense actually.




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